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Summer has certainly arrived and our custom teardrop orders are hitting the road in search of cooler elevations and adventures! If you are considering a teardrop for your season of camping ecapades, this is the time to do your research!
A heartfelt thanks to all of our Treeline customers who help us to spread the word by chatting with folks on the road, enjoying their teardrop and showing off our top quality design and workmanship.
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Hi Tom and Paty, 
We made it home safely on Saturday night at 8pm. Camped just outside Crescent City and it was great. The trailer pulled perfectly behind the car. We are so happy with it and the whole experience with you guys! You exceeded our expectations by a million percent. Trailer fits so well in our garage, like it was meant to be. We'll be sending you pictures of our adventures so be prepared! Thank you so much for everything! 

Chris and Brandi
Dear Tom and Paty,
My first outing with the trailer exceeded expectations. I had such a good time traveling back up the coast and across the Cascades. The teardrop afforded flexibility that I did not enjoy in our previous 40 ft. diesel pusher. When I wanted to stop on a whim, I just stopped. If I passed something I wanted to see, I just made a quick U-turn. 
So much fun!
The water containers came in pretty handy. The stove and fridge worked perfect for my needs. I slept comfortably in the trailer.
The Max Coupler worked like a charm when I took forest service roads over Windigo Pass to test the articulation. No problems.
Hey Tom & Paty:  
We just returned from a nearly 3 week six state trip with our teardrop & handed out your cards in Idaho & Montana to folks who literally chased after us wanting to find out about our little guy.  Been up & down the coast, Eureka, Calaveras Big Trees, Magalia, Ashland, Umatilla, Oregon, Hope & Salmon Idaho as well.  Loving every moment.  Pretty certain we'll go around the country with it soon too.  We'll send pix soon & plan to drop by your site at the fairgrounds too.
Curt &  Vicki Groninga= Two Happy Campers!
Dear Tom, Paty and Woody,
        We got back yesterday from Oregon in our first trip with the teardrop and just wanted to let you know what a great time we had and that the Treeline teardrop you made for us performed like a champ!  We spent a couple of nights at Castle Crags just to get the feel of it and by the time we got to Bend we had a pretty good routine for setting up camp and being able to find all our stuff so the rest of the trip was pretty much effortless.
         We came back through Crater Lake and had a wonderful time; perfect weather and not too many people so we stayed a little longer than we had planned, then down the coast to Santa Rosa.  No problems at all towing with the Land Rover, even through the Cascades.
        There was a lot of interest in the trailer along the way.  We saw 4 or 5 other teardrops camping at Crater; we checked out each other’s trailers and I think there was general agreement that the Treeline was the best of the lot; far and away the best design and quality.
        We’re already thinking about other trips soon (maybe Canadian Rockies in Sept)  and look forward to getting back on the road.  Thanks again for such a great job .
        Bob and Juliana
We love our Sierra trailer. The best thing is how well we sleep. It's cozy, cute and quiet inside the cabin. We sleep better in it than we do at home. 

The outdoor kitchen in the tailgate works perfectly. We are really glad we sprung for the refrigerator and found that even in 100° + weather it kept our food icy cold for more than 3 days without recharging or hookups. The stove supplied is by far the best camp stove I've seen. It puts out lots of heat and it is super easy to clean. 

Kudos on a well-designed, well thought out, and well built camp trailer. We couldn't be happier.

Dan Gurney

Dear Tom and Paty,

Just a quick note to let you know that things are looking great with our new trailer. We went to DMV on Tuesday and all of your advice really paid off for us – no problems and all of the people we dealt with knew what to do (the guy who did the physical inspection said he had been seeing a lot of them; he thought maybe you were having a sale).
All of our neighbors are showing lots of interest. We have gotten all loaded up and were pleasantly surprised to see how well all of our gear fit; still lots of room left over. I think we’re pretty well checked out in how the stove and fridge and electrical system work.

Our whole experience with you guys has been great and we love our little teardrop. The quality and level of craftsmanship is top-notch and we can’t wait to hit the road. We will get back to you later after we have some actual field experience.
As you can imagine, we’re very excited about taking our first trip; leaving Monday for a 2-week loop through Oregon and No. Calif. We will let you know how it goes and hopefully have some pictures to send.

Best Wishes,

Bob and Juliana Hoewing


Tom, Paty & Woody, (the Petaluma Team),

 It was great to meet you all!

And what a beautiful home you have.

The Krawler is PERFECT - Perfect - PERFECT!


 We've already met people, (on-the-road), who are interested in TreeLine.

Thank you all, for my 2nd home.

(We'll be in touch when I've settled down),

 Roy Meddings

We've been out in our teardrop three times ... a one nighter, a two nighter and a three nighter! Now that we're sure we have the hang of setting up our stuff, we're going next week for a full ten days! We're going to Grand Teton National Park and we will try to get some photos for you.

We are happy to hear that you are doing so well. We've told you what a pleasurable experience it was making this purchase from you both ... we have told many others and we hope they are ordering teardrops from you.

     Bill and Carlene

It's good to see Treeline grow. It took me over six months searching the web and looking at various RV's to determine the type of trailer I wanted. I talked to several other vendors about their trailers but either the quality or their willingness to work with me to create something unique was not there.

Tom, you were willing to entertain all my questions, and I had a lot, and to work with me to create an off road trailer that matches my FJ. Also, I liked the home atmosphere when working with both you and Paty - you both were a pleasure to work with. When I had a question or a small issue, Tom, you were quick to respond. Thanks to both of you for your customer service and a quality Krawler.

     Ken Snell

We have taken the teardrop out on three separate trips including Salt Pointe, Ocean Cove and just last week at Rollins Lake, Grass Valley. We love it and I am amazed how Vicki has taken to our "Queen Size Bed On Wheels". Our teardrop draws attention every place we go and it clearly is a "conversation starter" with other campers. We have given your name out (Treeline Teardrops) several times with big time recommendation. Our Sierra has truly worked like a charm with no issues whatsoever in terms of its mobility, flexibility and adaptability to tight space matters. It is hardly noticeable on the open road (except all the gawkers we get) in that it pulls exceptionally easy with the Toyota Tacoma. Our first three trips out have been so successful that we are definitely planning an around the country trek next year with the Teardrop! We really loved "doing business" with you both. The selection, construction and outfitting of the teardrop was so much fun and effortless given your relaxed yet caring style. I brag about you all the time.

     Curt and Vicki Groninga

Here's the Montana report. It was overcast and on and off rain most of the time I was there, and there were some out and out hard rain storms. Nothing leaked!

I had an easy tow out there, and like everyone said, felt no difference in my truck handling. If it weren't for other cars, I wouldn't need to brake going down passes. Wind didn't seem to make any difference.

I like that teardrops force you to be outside, unlike the big trailers where you can find yourself acting more house-like, I had coffee everyday outside looking at the mountains, instead of a fiberglass wall. I only had one day where I couldn't cook because of the rain. Very happy with the trailer!

Just thought I'd give you an update on the Sierra. Totally happy. I had another trip to Montana, and started to use more features. Thinking about a ceiling fan installation sometime this winter, and possibly the fridge..... Towed great behind the Tundra, and the 5th wheel people did want tours. Even Idaho cowboys wanted to look at it.


Just wanted to thank you for all your effort to get our little trailer to us! We are loving it!

[The trailer] has been generating a lot of interest just by being parked in our carport! Let's just say it's hard for me to get my yard work done with all the neighbors who stop to ask about it!

     Megan and Sam